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I am running to bring Montana values, accountability, and common sense to our city government.

Billings is home. However, over the last few years it seems that a cloud has settled over our beautiful community.  Crime has spiked, drugs have infiltrated our neighborhoods, and our jail is overcrowded.  Spending on large capital projects has not been properly prioritized, and if common sense is not deployed soon, there will be an even bigger financial issue in our city. Now is the time for fiscally conservative people to take a stand. 

About Us

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Living here my whole life, I am confident that the good people of Billings desire to have a community that is safe, fiscally sound, and inviting to all.  In order to accomplish this and make necessary improvements, Billings needs to have leadership that is savvy enough to strike that balance.  As a long time business owner in Billings, I will do everything I can to ensure every department in the city is managed with great care and accountability. 

I have proudly raised four kids in Billings. Billings has given so much to me and my family; I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to serve our community for decades. Currently I am serving on the MetraPark Advisory Board (3 yrs. as the president), the Board of the Downtown Rotary along with the mayoral appointment to the Citizen’s Police Advisory Board. I have also been involved with Downtown Exchange Club, and the Budgeting For Results Committee for School District #2. During the last 35 years I have been blessed to have employed and worked with many wonderful people in our community as well as coached numerous sports teams including basketball at Billings Senior High School and Central High School.  

Our city needs a change.  We need common-sense leaders to solve problems…especially hard problems that require difficult decisions. Billings needs proven, and effective leadership in our community.  Please consider joining me with a contribution (max of $400.00 per person $800 per couple) to this campaign.  Now, more than ever, strong leadership is needed to take the next steps in making Billings a safer place to raise families, a financially sound community, and a place that shows forward thinking in growth. 

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